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Eliminate the stress associated with selling your house like costly cleaning, repairs or renovations. Vertical House Buyers makes selling your house easy and stress-free. Our team of real estate professionals has over 75 years of combined experience with buying and selling homes in Houston and the surrounding areas. We understand what it takes to close quickly and efficiently so you can move on with life with cash in hand. Our closing process can take less than two weeks, and includes an inspection and appraisal, an offer (based on market value and assessed value) and the sale itself. We take a hassle-free, three-step approach to make everything go by smoothly and painlessly: evaluate, offer and close.


Initial Consultation

You found us. As the first step to solve your real estate problems, we sit down with you and listen to your situation.


Thorough Analysis and Valuation

At this stage, we compile a few extra details about the property and it’s current situation. We process this information to generate a financial analysis of the property.


We Offer You Money for Your House

We make you an offer. Most time we make all cash offers. However, from time to time and depending on the situation, we may propose a terms or financing offer (or some other creative solution).


Evaluate The Offer We Made

We provide you with the opportunity to evaluate our offer. Selling your house is a life changing experience.


If You Agree to the Offer

If you agree to the offer, we’ll arrange a cash transaction and pay you your money. There are no hidden fees or costs involved. What we offer you is what you get, and nothing less.


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Our Vertical House Buyers team is here to make your life easier. With over 10 years experience in the home buying market, we understand that helping you means understanding your situation.

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